Center for Internship, Volunteerism and Entrepreneurship in Computer Science (CIVECS) is an initiative by the computer science faculty to enhance job opportunities for Computer Science Graduates at Indiana University South Bend. The CIVECS proposal has three major objectives. First, it seeks to improve and expand the scope of the internship program in computer science to include and promote volunteerism and service learning. Second, it helps to address the problem of ‘Brain Drain’ which exists in the state of Indiana. Third, we hope to increase and enhance the high-tech job opportunities in Indiana by developing an incubator for new software engineering startups in Indiana.

The CIVECS initiative seeks to :

  1. Increase our capacity to offer internship opportunities to our students. Increasing both our traditional as well as CIVECS internships
  2. Promote entrepreneurship in Indiana
  3. Promote community outreach and volunteerism by our students and faculty in computer science
  4. Provide technical services to Indiana’s non-profit organizations
  5. Allow for more departmental and college level projects
  6. Serve as potential senior projects
  7. Improve technology transfer and access to faculty expertise
  8. Reduce the brain-drain in Indiana


Are you interested?


 Complete and send the proposal to the Department Internship Coordinator