Liqiang Zhang

Dept. of Computer & Information Sciences
Indiana University South Bend
South Bend, IN 46634


Liqiang Zhang   

Dr. Zhang is currently a Professor at the Department of Computer and Information Sciences of IU South Bend. He received Ph.D. in Computer Science from Wayne State University in August 2005. His research interests include wireless networks and mobile computing, resource allocation for networks and distributed systems, Internet of things, cognitive radio networks, and network security. Dr. Zhang's research has been sponsored by IU and National Science Foundation.


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INFO-C342/CSCI-C490 (Cross-platform) Mobile App Development, Spring 2024, Summer 2023

B438/B538 Fundamentals of Computer Networks, Spring 2024, Fall 2021

C421/B541: Digital Design/Hardware System Design I, Fall 2023, Spring 2020

B100/I101: Problems Solving Using Computers, Fall 2023, Spring 2023

A106: Introduction to Computing, Fall 2022, Fall 2020

C490/C590: Security for Networked Systems, Spring 2022, Spring 2020

C490/C690: Mobile Applications Development, Summer 2018, Summer 2016

C201/I211/A506: Computer Programming II, Spring 2018, Fall 2017

C335/A593: Computer Structures, Spring 2017, Fall 2016

I320: Distributed Systems and Collaborative Computing, Spring 2013, Fall 2010

C490: Embedded and Real Time Systems, Fall 2012, Fall 2010

A515: Telecommunications and Computer Networking, Fall 2011, Fall 2009

C243: Data Structures, Spring 2010, Fall 2009

C101/I210/A504: Computer Programming I, Spring 2006, Fall 2005

Office Hours

Office hours for Spring 2024: MW 9:30AM 11:30AM, or by appointment.

Research Interests

o   Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing

o   Resource Allocation for Networks and Distributed Systems

o   Internet of Things

o   Cognitive Radio Networks

o   Network Security