Dana Vrajitoru
I310/D513 Multimedia Arts and Technology

Lab 1

Date: Tuesday, August 23, 2016. Due date: Tuesday, August 30, 2016.

In this lab we will create an html file.

Ex. 1. We will do this lab in class using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, which is part of the Creative Suite 6. You can use any HTML editor if you do it later from home. The result should be a simple HTML file. Please watch or read the PowerPoint presentation found on Canvas under Files / Week 1, called I310_02_web, before doing the lab, unless you're in class. It contains more information on the tags for the components of the file we are creating.

Open Dreamweaver and select to create a new HTML page. In the view, choose the split option. This should allow you to see at the same time the HTML code that you are working on and what the result should look like in a browser. It is recommended to edit the HTML code directly, although if you can't manage it, you can use the other option. Edit the title tag to call it Multimedia Lab 1. Add a tag
<meta name="Author" content="">
inside the <head> section, then write your name inside the quotes of the content argument. Save the file under the name lab1page.html.

We will create a web page on a theme related to multimedia. Set up the colors you want in the <body> tag: bgcolor="#aabb00" for example for a yellow background, text="#0000aa" for blue text. Try variations from 000000 to ffffff in hexadecimal, keeping in mind that you get two digits for each of the red, green, and blue components of the color.

Add a title to the document (centered and heading 2 or 3) such as "Multimedia Lab". The rest of the page should not be centered unless explicitly specified. Add a paragraph underneath containing a link to the course web page.

Create a bulleted list of topics that you would like to discuss in the course, or just copy some topics listed in the syllabus.

Embed an image using a simple <img src=""> tag (copy this tag into the HTML code, below the list). Choose an image from the web that represents a multimedia aspect for you. In the web page containing the picture, right-click on the image and choose "Copy image URL". Then paste the address inside the quotes in the img tag. Make the image centered and add a caption underneath explaining briefly what it is supposed to be.

Below the image, add a small table (tag <table>) with one row (tag <tr>) and 4 cells in it (tag <td>). Place a caption above the table with the text "Course tools". The cells of the table should contain the text Canvas, Web page, One.IU, Calendar. Place a link on each of them with the corresponding tool. For the last one, we want the academic calendar for Fall 2016, which can be found at https://www.iusb.edu/registrar/calendars/fall16.php. Set the background of the table in a different color than the rest of the page and add a border of size 2 (pixels) to it. Add cellpadding and cellspacing arguments to this tag with a value of 3 or more.

Upload and submit the file lab1page.html to Canvas - Assignments - Homework 1. This is your homework 1.