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Spring 2002 - Tentative Computer Science Course Schedule
(Last Update 10/26/2001, Draft 8)
Course Section Time Days (Campus) Instructor
A106 Intro to Computing  E858 11:30A - 12:45P MW Ritschard
E859 1:00P - 2:15P MW Hoffacker
E860 2:30P - 3:45P MW Vrajitoru
E861 5:30P - 8:15P M Vrajitoru
E862 10:00A - 11:15A TR  Hakimzadeh
E866 11:30A - 12:45P TR Schwartz
E867 11:30A - 12:45P TR (Elkhart) Wolf
E868 2:30P - 3:45P  TR Russo
E869 4:00P - 5:15P TR Russo
E870 5:30P - 8:15P T (Elkhart) Champaigne
E871 5:30P - 8:15P Traxler
E872 5:30P - 8:15P W Cancelled
Special section connected to specific sections of M118/M110/T102 
Restricted Enrollment (Authorization Required)
10:00A - 11:15 TR  (GR104) Shafii & Kochanowski
A107 Programming Within Applications
Advanced Microcomputing
E873 2:30P - 4:30P MW Surma
A340 Introduction to Web Programming (This section is taught online via the web. It is recommended that students have access to a home computer running Microsoft Internet Explorer. There will be occasional inclass meetings and students must attend the first class meeting for an orientation. Enrollment is limited. See class web site for more information.) E874 10:00 - 11:15 TR Cook, R. 
C101 Computer Programming I (3 hours of lecture and 1 hour lab) E875 12:00P - 2:00P MW Surma
E876 7:00P - 9:00P TR Scheessele
E877 2:30P - 4:30P TR  Wolfer
C201 Computer Programming II E878 2:30P - 4:20P MW Holloway
E879 5:30P - 7:20P TR Vrajitoru
C243 Intro to Data Structures E880 10:00A - 11:50P MW Knight
C308 System Analysis & Design E881 7:00P - 8:50P TR Schwartz
C335 Computer Structures E882 7:00P - 8:50P  MW  Holloway
B424/B524 Parallel and Distributed Programming E883 5:30P - 6:45P MW Cancelled
C435 Operating Systems E884 5:30P - 7:20P TR Wolfer
C455 Analysis of Algorithms E885 10:00A - 11:50A TR  Knight
C463 Artificial Intelligence E886 7:00P-8:15P MW Scheessele
Y398 Internship - Professional Practice E887 Arranged Arranged Hakimzadeh
MS-MIT Courses
A505 Object Oriented Programming (Using Visual Basic) E888 7:00P - 8:50P TR Russo
A510 Database Systems E889 6:00P - 8:40P W Hakimzadeh

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