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1700 Mishawaka Avenue, P.O. Box 7111
South Bend, IN 46634-7111
Tel: (219) 237-4335, Fax: (219) 237-6589

Tentative Schedule of Classes Fall 1999

A106  Intro to Computing                8:30A- 9:45A    MW    Hoffacker
                                       11:30A-12:45P    MW    Wright-Tenenberg
                                        1:00P- 2:15P    MW    Wright-Tenenberg
                                        5:30P- 8:15P    M     Champaigne
                       (Elkhart)        5:30P- 8:15P    M     Traxler
                                       10:00A-11:15A    TR    Landman
                                       11:30A-12:45A    TR    Hoffacker
                       (Elkhart)        1:00P- 2:15P    TR    Landman
                                        4:00P- 5:15P    TR    Madigan
                                        5:30P- 8:15P    T     Champaigne
                       (Plymouth)       6:00P- 8:45P    W     Norman, R.
                                        7:00P- 9:45P    R     Traxler
                                        8:30A-11:15A    SAT   Surma

C101  Computer Programming (C++)        9:00A-11:00A    MW    Russo
                                        2:30P- 4:30P    MW    Holloway
                                        1:30P- 3:30P    TR    Yajnik
                                        7:00P- 9:00P    TR    Yajnik

C201  Intro. to Computer Science        7:00P- 8:50P    MW    Holloway
                                        8:00A- 9:50A    TR    Holloway

C203  COBOL & File Processing           7:00P- 9:45P    M     Knapp, J.
                                        7:00P- 8:15P    W     Knapp, J.
      This course will be given by faculty at Indiana University
      in Gary by "distance learning" technology.  When Gary goes off
      daylight savings time, the course will shift to one hour later:
                                        8:00P-10:45P    M     Knapp, J.
                                        8:00P- 9:15P    W     Knapp, J.

C243  Intro. to Data Structures         7:00P- 8:50P    MW    Knight

      C243 is shown as TR in the Schedule of Classes, but
      it has been moved to MW to accomodate a change of
      instructor in C251 (from Tenenberg to Knight).

C251  Foundations of Digital Computing  7:30P- 8:45P    TR    Knight 

C311  Organization of Prog. Languages   7:00P- 8:50P    MW    Tenenberg

C335  Computer Structures               1:50P- 3:40P    MW    Russo

C421  Computer Organization             5:30P- 6:45P    MW    Knight

C490  Object Oriented Prog in Java      4:00P- 5:15P    MW    Tenenberg

Y398  Internship-Professional Practice     ARRANGED           Russo

Last Update August 23, 1999