USB and Floppy Drives

USB Commands

Check for Linux compatibality. Many are not supported by Linux.
    mount /mnt/memdrive  Insert drive before mounting.
 Mounts the usb drive at /mnt/memdrive.
 Use Linux commands to copy and manipulate files.
    umount /mnt/memdrive  Unmounts the usb drive. Unmount before removing drive.

M-Tools Commands

mtools is a program that allows Linux users to copy files on a floppy disk.
Prefix all floppy filenames with the drive letter a:.
Filenames without a drive letter refer to Linux files.
     mcopy  Copy files from floppy
 Copy files to floppy.
 [~ 93]$ mcopy a:foo .
 [~ 94]$ mcopy foo a:
     mdir  Display the floppy directory.  [~ 95]$ mdir

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