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This certificate consists of five courses (at least 17 credits) . These courses will provide an understanding of information technology and how it helps solve problems in the students’ areas of interest. Students will take three lower level courses in informatics, one upper level course in informatics, and one upper level course from the list of electives. The upper level courses must be chosen with the approval of the Director of Informatics and a faculty member from the student’s area of interest.

The student must complete the requirements for the certificate at IU South Bend with a grade of C- or better.

Lower Level:  (3 courses)

   1) INFO I101 – Introduction to Informatics (4 credits)

   2) Choose two courses from the following lower level list:
       INFO I202 – Social Informatics (3 credits)
       INFO I210 – Information Infrastructure I (4 credits)
       INFO I211 – Information Infrastructure II (4 credits)

Upper Level:  (1 courses)

   3) One upper level course selected from:
       INFO I300 – Human Computer Interaction (3 credits)
       INFO I303 – Organizational Informatics (3 credits)

Upper Level Elective:  (1 courses)

   4) One upper level course selected from:
       BIOL L311 GENETICS (3 cr.)
       BUS K301 Enterprise Resource Planning (3)
       BUS K321 Management Information Systems (3 cr.)
      CHEM C371 Chemical Informatics I (3 cr.)
      CSCI A340 Introduction to Web Programming (3 cr.)
      CSCI C335 Computer Structures (3 cr.)
      CSCI B424 Parallel and Distributed Programming (3 cr.)
      CSCI C442 Database Systems (3 cr.)
      CSCI C463 Artificial Intelligence (3 cr.)
      CSCI B481 Interactive Computer Graphics (3 cr.)
      CSCI B438 Computer Networks (3 cr.)
      FINA PXXX Advanced Digital Production (3 cr.)
      FINA P374 Computer Arts and Design II ( 3 cr.)
      INFO I300 Human Computer Interaction (3 cr.)
      INFO I303 Organization Informatics (3 cr.)
      INFO I310 Multimedia Arts and Technology (3 cr.)
      INFO I312 Information Representation (3 cr.) (Was I200)
      INFO I320 Distributed Systems and Collaborative Computing (3 cr.)
      INFO I400 Topics in Informatics (3 cr.)
      INFO I400 Bioinformatics (3 cr.)
      MATH M365 Probability and Statistics (3 cr.)
      MATH MXXX Simulation
      PHIL P338 Philosophy of Technology (3 cr.)
      PHIL PXXX Computer Ethics (3 cr.)
      PHYS P303 Digital Electronics (3 cr.)
      PSY P335 Cognitive Psychology (3 cr.)
      SOC S319 Sociology of Science (3 cr.)
      SOC S451 Web Based Survey Techniques (3 cr.)

The use of technology and analytical methods has become increasingly important in our global society. Such massive use of technology has in turn created a growing demand for technically adept employees. This certificate is for those who already have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Students entering this certificate must have math skills at least equivalent to basic algebra (e.g. MATH A100). The goal of this certificate is to provide these students the necessary technical expertise for the application of information technology to their respective field.

Additional Information:  Student Consumer Information About this Program

For a list of Informatics courses click here.

Graduation Application (Complete this form after completing the requirements)


Policy Regarding Certificates in Informatics
  • Starting February 9th 2001, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has a new policy regarding the awarding of Certificates in Computer Science.  Students in computer science can not receive a Certificate in Computer Science at the same time as they receive an AS or BS degree in Computer Science.  The rationale is that an AS or BS degree would include the requirement of a certificate program, so there is no need to award a certificate at the same time as the AS or BS.
Students seeking certificates in computer science should make sure that they ask for and receive their certificates at the proper time so such a conflict does not arise.  This typically means that you can not receive a certificate in the same semester as an AS or BS.


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