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This certificate consists of six courses (18 credits) and will provide the student with the knowledge and understanding of computer hardware and software components and how they operate, use of common office automation and productivity application software, introduction to operating systems, introduction to event driven programming and graphical user interfaces, introduction to web based programming, introduction to computer networks and the client/server computing model.

The student must complete the following courses at IU South Bend with a grade of C- or better.

CSCI-A 106 - Introduction to Computing (3 cr.)
CSCI-A 107 - Advanced Microcomputing  (Databases) (4 cr.)
CSCI-A 150 - Introduction to Operating Systems  (Windows) (1 cr.)
CSCI-A 201 - Introduction to Programming I (Visual Basic .Net) (4 cr.)
CSCI-A 338 - Network Technologies and Systems Administration (3 cr.)
CSCI-A 340 - Introduction to Web Programming (3 cr.)

In addition, the student must take and pass W130 Pre-Composition with a grade of C or better, or else must score at the non-remedial level (i.e., at the level that would permit them to take W131 English Composition) on the IUSB placement exam in Composition.

The goal of this certificate is to provide the necessary technical expertise to those who currently hold positions that make extensive use of computer technology and its applications but feel a gap in their knowledge or those who are considering such positions in the future and need solid knowledge and expertise in the use and integration of computer applications. Potential students who may benefit from this certificate may be found in many organizations, including health care, science and engineering, government, and not-for-profit agencies. In addition, existing students at IU South Bend, may find this certificate complementary to their major.

Additional information:  Student Consumer Information About this Program

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Policy Regarding Certificates in Computer Science
  • Starting February 9th 2001, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has a new policy regarding the awarding of Certificates in Computer Science.  Students in computer science can not receive a Certificate in Computer Science at the same time as they receive an AS or BS degree in Computer Science.  The rationale is that an AS or BS degree would include the requirement of a certificate program, so there is no need to award a certificate at the same time as the AS or BS.
Students seeking certificates in computer science should make sure that they ask for and receive their certificates at the proper time so such a conflict does not arise.  This typically means that you can not receive a certificate in the same semester as an AS or BS.


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