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The degree requires a total of 61 credit hours including the following:


A) ENG-W 131 English Composition (3 cr.) A grade of C or better is required.
B) Critical Thinking (3 cr.) e.g., PHIL-P 105, PHIL-P 150, or PHIL-P 110
C) COAS-Q 110 Information Literacy (1 cr.) Should be taken with ENG-W 131.
D) Oral Communication (3 cr.) e.g., SPCH-S 121

     Visual Literary (3 cr.) e.g., FINA-A 100, JOUR-J 210.

COMMON CORE (6 Credits). Any two from the following four options.

A) The Natural World: N190 or N390 (3 cr.)
B) Human Behavior & Social Institutions: B190 or B399 (3 cr.)
C) Literary and Intellectual Traditions: T190 or T390 (3 cr.)
D) Art, Aesthetics and Creativity: A190 or A399 (3 cr.)


Diversity in U.S. Society (3 cr.), e.g., SOC-S 161, ENG-L 379, PSY-P 391

For additional approved GEN-ED courses click this link


Two semesters in a single language, or equivalent, chosen from Japanese, French, German, Chinese, Spanish.

PHYSICAL & LIFE SCIENCES (8 Credits). Courses in at least two different sciences must be taken.

A) PHYS-P 303 Digital Electronics (4 cr.) Includes a laboratory component. (Required)
B) Electives chosen from astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, and physics. (4 cr.)

MATHEMATICS (3-5 Credits). A grade of C or better is required.

MATH-M 208 (3 cr.) or MATH-M 215 Calculus I (5 cr.)

COMPUTER SCIENCE (20 Credits). A grade of C- or better is required. At least 12 of the 20 credits must be taken at IUSB.

C101 Computer Programming I (4 cr.) Prereq: MATH-M 014 or Placement Exam Level 3. Test out is available.
C151 Multi-user Operating Systems (2 cr.) Prereq: C101.  Test out is available.
C201 Computer Programming II (4 cr.) Prereq: C101.
C243 Elementary Data Structures (4 cr.) Prereq: C151, C201, MATH-M 115 or M125.

         C151 can be taken concurrently with C243.
Two more courses in computer science (6 cr.) above the level of C201. 

GENERAL ELECTIVES (approximately 3 Credits)

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